# Conference: IBERGRID 2022 ## Helmholtz Federated IT Services: Enabling innovative software and supporting services for research ### Authors Thomas Förster, Tobias Huste ### Abstract The digital transformation yields one of the biggest challenges for science, economy, and society at the beginning of the 21st century. The Helmholtz association recognizes the need to address those challenges, especially regarding the value and knowledge chains “from data to knowledge til innovation.” This touches most scientific disciplines and dramatically influences the development of our society. With HIFIS, the Helmholtz Association is pursuing the goal of bringing together the enormous data treasure and the diverse, decentralized expertise of the 18 Helmholtz research centers. The talk focuses on the lessons learned and the impact of integrating RSE services, educational resources, and consulting offers since 2020 on the research community. We discuss the structure of the HIFIS platform and the service needed to provide a good and fruitful environment for working on software-related projects in a collaborative context.